Life Worth Living


General Testimonial

Just a note to say "Words cannot express our gratitude". Your insights into our son David's condition really helped to get him "back on track" and "well" again!

We appreciated your kindness and thoughtfulness as well as that of your staff. You are really a credit to your profession!

ADHD Testimonial

I am writing to express how pleased my husband and I are with the results of the Neurotherapy sessions on our sons. When I first heard about Neurofeedback, my natural skepticism kicked in. However, after extensive research on the subject, including searching the web, reading numerous books (both popular and scientific) and interviewing several practitioners, we decided to pursue this therapy with the staff at your office.

Prior to starting therapy, I made a list of irritating behaviors displayed by one or both of our boys to varying degrees that I was hoping to ameliorate.

  • Impulsive Behavior
  • Oppositional Behavior
  • Lack of ability to focus
  • Unable/unwilling to ask for help
  • Difficulty recognizing cause/effect - blames others for problems
  • Excessive Oral Fixation
  • Poor Memory
  • Exhibits 'rocking' behaviors to self-calm
  • Social Skills deficits
  • Some difficulty sleeping
  • Excessive touching (sensory seeking)

We recently completed our sessions after 41 visits, (30 minutes each). My husband and I are very pleased with the successful outcome. It's difficult to explain to people unless they've lived with a child like this. Simple trips to the grocery store or to a museum which used to be fraught with stomach-chruning anxiety (racing around, knocking into people, not listening, inability to read or concentrate on their surroundings), are now actually pleasant events and even learning experiences! The improved ability to focus has made a difference in every aspect of their lives (family, school and social). Neurotherapy has been said to prepare the brain for learning. It's much like preparing a garden. Once the soil has been tilled, with proper drainage, compost and fertilizer, you still have to plant seeds and follow up with watering and weeding. Likewise, once Neurotherapy has prepared the brain; it's up to all of us to continue to directly and consistently teach the child.

Dr. Kowal and his highly qualified staff were consistently caring professionals. I would not hesitate to recommend their services to anyone they deem could benefit from Neurofeedback.

ADHD Testimonial

Our teenage daughter was diagnosed with ADHD, Autism and General Anxiety before walking into Dr. Kowal's office. She was on serveral medications that just seemed to have more side effects than benefits. Upon completing an EEG and receiving an analysis from Dr. Kowal, we learned that she does not have ADHD and probably alot of her meds were causing anxiety. So we took the deep plunge - she was on medication since 2nd grade - and we took her off all the meds because we needed to find a solution for her that would be more permanent in addressing her anxiety. Once she was off the meds we began the brain mapping. When we had the first EEG review, she was showing 90% fo her frontal lobe red. That signified all the anxiety that blocked brain signals! Dr. Kowal and team has worked with our daughter on brain mapping to find the best results for her. We worked on placing the brain electrodes on the areas of focus and anxiety. She also had areas of compulsive/obessive behavior.

She was Dr. Kowal's patient for 1.5 years and we have seen amazing results! Her latest EEG brain map show 90% of her brain now GREEN, and the green is good! We noticed at home she thinks things over before she talks, she recognizes facial expressions, she has 100% more eye contact when she is talking or focusing on something, and most importantly she is not obsessing over things and dealing better with changes.

Our wish is for her to be able to not be anzious always and be capable to be someone that can make friends and be able to someday be part of society contributing with her input and not obsessing about certain things like the cell phone. We want her to be able to function in society as she gets older and be able to care for herself.

We are proud to say that even her school teachers noticed that she is more focused in class, and more involved and enjoys learning new things. Many say she is a leader for the young freshman and sophomores and helps them out in Adpated PE and in reading!

We are so happy for her and want to let everyone know that we highly recommend Dr. Kowal and "brain mapping" for anyone that is special needs! We have already sent several people fot him for treatment and will continue doing so because we are so happy with the changes in our daughter!

ADD Testimonial

I am absolutely in awe of the things my son has done since starting Neurofeedback. Since the very first session he started initiating conversation. This is really amazing because he would only answer a question if you asked him and it was usually a one word response. He struggled with speech clarity. Now it is much clearer.

His body rhythm was so fast he would breeze by people, often bumping into them with no regard for their personal space. This has changed dramatically! His body rhythm is balanced and much slower. He even waits and walks along side me, holding doors open for me.

Thank you for giving my son the opportunity to experience Neurofeedback.

Phobia Testimonial

I had the pleasure of meeting you all 1 year ago. At the time things were not good for me. One year later, things are wonderful! Thanks to you I have been on a plane (twice), gone to Canada fishing and driven through tunnels. This may souond silly but those are things I could not do a year ago. Not one day goes by that I don't think of you all. Your knowledge, kindness and patience with me will never be forgotten! I can't thank you enough for all you have done. You all are very special and what you do for everyone does not go unnoticed and is greatly appreceiated!